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investment portfolios


Strategic asset allocation based on investors profile. Lean more

individual securities


Identify trends in stock price movement of companies with solid fundamentals in order to increase the number of winning trades, which results in higher gains and less losses. Lean more




The large number of investment products constantly marketed by financial institutions can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult to understand. We've made it simple to gain adequate understanding of those products, assess and compare them. Learn more

Trading manualS,

Featured investment and trading manuals as well as scholar articles and publications. Learn more

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KnowYourSelf with the innovative Discovery tool. Lean more


Your Simple Wealth Builder


Mission statement 

Empower people with innovative investment tools and valuable information made simple to help gain a solid understanding of the basis of investment.

We believe investors should take a more active role in the management of their wealth, especially when it comes to the investment of their money. They should be provided with information in order to have productive discussions with their financial professionals and make informed decisions. Investors should no longer passively watch their portfolio being depleted by fees and commissions when little to no value is being added to their investment.

Hard-earned money should be invested wisely and any fee paid to have someone manage your investment should simply make sense.